Are Manning and Brady Cheating? How Rule Changes Have Helped Extend a Rivalry

Bill Simmons:

It’s hard to imagine Manning squandering pole position at this point; his recent Denver resurgence coupled with his touchdown records — season and career, his MVP awards (five), his win-loss record (173-74) and the career passing yard record (it’s coming) make him the most successful QB ever by any calculation.

But with the current rules, why not? Why couldn’t Manning AND Brady knock down that 40-and-over door?

You can’t rule it out. And because of that, you can’t yet say that Manning officially prevailed in the Brady-versus-Manning rivalry. We know we’re in the later rounds … we just don’t know if it’s the 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th. Yeah, Manning leads on every scorecard. For now. Just make sure you don’t count out the little brother with three sisters yet.

Excellent feature from Bill Simmons on the Brady v Manning rivalry.